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"Whatever we THINK we are is what we BECOME​"

                                                                                                        -Traveling Toward Transformation

Travena has been blessed with many talents, but one that is extremely contagious is the way she commands an audience to intake all that she is presenting.  Once you leave her presence you feel empowered and motivated to do and be better.  She truly is a lady with a lot of LOVE for GOD and the passion to help others.  She is both Humble and Dynamic!  I have been blessed in the reading of her book, Traveling Toward Transformation, hearing her speak and autograph my book.  She is truly someone you want to carry along with you through life.  

                                                      Rebecca W.      - Alabama


"If you TREAT an individual as he IS, he will STAY as he is, but if you TREAT him as if he were what he OUGHT to be, and COULD be, he will BECOME what he OUGHT to be and COULD be."​

                                              - Goetha

"Whatever we THINK we are is WHAT we BECOME."

     -  Traveling Toward Transformation


Hello and thank you for taking time to visit. ​

Perfect is not what I seek to be, but Follower of Jesus is where my footsteps will be!

I hope you will attend one of our girls events, follow my blog, purchase my book, or meet me during one of my speaking/book signing engagements!

I absolutely LOVE writing, speaking, mentoring, teaching, and creating thought provoking plays to cause others to think and consider their footsteps. 

The more I study, meditate, and write the more I grow spiritually! 

As a creator, visionary, and playwright I approach the world with eyes of an artist, the heart of a counselor, the ears of a listener, and the spirit of a  writer.  

I see possibilities where others see only mountains, and I see power where others see only pain. 

I Love to write; words flow easily from my heart, and I make the deliberate choice daily to encourage, edify, and move others toward the life GOD wants them to live . 

My heart beats rapidly with excitement as an idea becomes a reality on paper in front of me.  

I Love learning and seeking knowledge.  As I speak to women, girls, and children, I take their hands leading each of them along my journey, by reitorating the words of Jesus and sharing my own personal struggles. 

  I am genuinely passionate and serious about what God has blessed me to do!  

I learned to dream through reading, learned to love Jesus through studying and living by His word.  I have no greater joy than to share the power of His words through speaking, writing, and mentoring, it fills my life.   


I love spending time with my christian friends, having lunch, tea, or grabbing dinner just to relax.  I love the word of God!!!

Studying, researching, & journaling scripture is my absolute favorite thing to do with my time.  I cannot get enough of His word.  It completes me! It delivers me! It aides me! It covers me! It empowers me!  I could never say enough or spend enough time relishing in it!!!  

Thank You All!!

I have been blessed in meeting so many women and girls (as you are reading this, you may have been one of them) at book signings, retreats, youth events, ladies events, and Bible classes. 

 I would relish in gathering all of you together and meeting for dinner.  I must admit having you all to myself, as we pour words of encouragement and positivity into each other would be a welcomed blessing.  

Thank you for the notes, emails, cards, calls, and gifts I have received.  Meeting you has meant more to me than words are able to express.  

Whether far or near I have been enriched, motivated, inspired, and influenced completely and fully.  

Your words have lifted me when I have fallen; Your prayers have engulfed me and helped me to stay focused.  

As I pray for all the women and girls I have been blessed to encounter over the years; as well as the many I have yet to meet,  my prayer is to see each of you in heaven; as we sit in sweet fellowship saturating ourselves in the love of our sweet Father! 

Until we meet again...stay strong, endure, & fight the good fight!

                 Love always, 

                Travena Rogan

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 Travena Rogan and, 2017​

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